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Reduction of G. 1,000 requested by truckers is impossible, they warn

The Vice Minister of Commerce, Pedro Mancuello, presented the proposals made to the trucking sector and warned that it will not be possible to reach a reduction of one thousand guaraníes, when a new readjustment is also at the door.

In addition to the 400 guaraní discount card rejected by the truck drivers, work is also being done on a cadastre service that identifies items such as: the number of affected trucks, the distance they travel and billing, in order to obtain an additional discount with the operators.

“I really don’t know where that figure of a thousand comes from and it’s something quite complicated at this time of crisis,” Mancuello said in an interview with radio Universo 970 AM – Nación Media.

Far from this decrease, in reality a new readjustment is approaching, taking into account that there is a gap of G. 1,200 between the price of the cost of oil and the current price of sale in the stations, which, however, resists thanks to the reserves from Petropar.

A new batch would arrive at the end of the month, a period for which the reservation would end and in which it will be necessary to introduce a readjustment for the final consumer.

The entrance Reduction of G. 1,000 requested by truckers is impossible, they warn was first published in diary TODAY.

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