Alva on the kidnapping of journalists: “It's a shame!  We are going to dictatorship”

Alva on the kidnapping of journalists: “It’s a shame! We are going to dictatorship”

The head of Congress, warned that the at the hands of ronderos in Cajamarca “it’s a shame.” “It is not a democracy. We are going to dictatorship. The first thing is to attack freedom of the press”, she expressed during an activity in Parliament.

He announced that he will talk about the case with the spokespersons and it will be investigated in the respective commissions. “What is being experienced is the product of the messages of divisionism,” she explained.

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“We know that the ronderos have always been accompanying President Castillo. What communication would there have been between the president and the ronderos for something like this to have happened?” Alva questioned.

In addition, he argued that Castillo and the head of the Cabinet, Aníbal Torres, should come out to reject what happened and take measures so that it does not happen again. “When something like this happens, we don’t listen to the president or the premier,” he emphasized.


Maria del Carmen Alva He also referred to the criticized ‘Gag Law’, presented by the Executive.

“It is another example of an attack against freedom of expression,” he said. Later, he assured that the majority of legislators is against this initiative.

“This is what has happened in Venezuela, Cuba. The first thing they take is freedom of the press, the media. Take care. we are warned,” she noted.


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