Reducir muertes evitables, meta reforma de salud

Reduce avoidable deaths, health reform goal

“The reform of the health sector that we expect, must ensure that no citizen dies from avoidable and preventable causes,” said the Minister of Public Health yesterday at the opening ceremony of the thematic table organized by the Economic and Social Council (CES).

Daniel Rivera stated that this reform should develop a “new” vision of primary carewhich he described as “the front door of the national health system.”

He added that the reform must establish a health approach that ranges from the promotion and prevention of diseases to treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care, and that is “as close as possible to the daily environment of Dominicans.”

“This will boost the Dominican Republic to develop a health system more resilient in crisis situations, more dynamic in detecting the first signs of epidemics, and a system that is more prepared to act early in response to increases in the demand for services,” the official said.

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Laws to modify

In order to carry out a real reform, said the minister, the entire regulatory framework of the health sector must be reviewed, especially those laws, decrees and regulations that impact the provision of services to citizens, such as Law 123-15, which creates the National Health Service (SNS)and the decree of separation of functions 379-14.

He said that Law 340-06, on Public Procurement and Contracting, should also be examined to “identify opportunities for the management of the health sector.”

Along with social security

Rivera pointed out that it is also necessary to “guarantee harmony” between the health laws (42-01) and social security (87-01).

“Social security is an input for the health of Dominicans, it can never be the opposite,” argued the minister.

next meeting

The next meeting of this thematic table will be on March 3.

ten tables

The tables established so far are those of Water, Electoral, Public Administration Reform and Modernization, Digital Transformation, Transparency and Institutionality, Transportation, Social Security, Foreign Policy and Migration, Citizen Security and Police Reform, and Health.

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