Red paint to cover the gigantic "NO" to the Communist Party of Cuba

Red paint to cover the gigantic "NO" to the Communist Party of Cuba

The message written at dawn this Tuesday against the Communist Party of Cuba in Aguirre Park, in the municipality of Plaza de la Revolución, was already covered by a layer of bright red. The striking color was applied in a crude and sloppy manner over the signwhose authorship was attributed to the anonymous organization El Nuevo Directorio (END).

This Friday, passers-by looked surreptitiously and laughing at the wall where they erased the words “No to the PCC”, written in huge characters. In various places, and despite the midday heat, there were individuals sitting and carefully gauging the environment. The neighbors, who are well acquainted with State Security surveillance techniques, do not even approach them. “They always do the same thing,” commented a woman who had come to pick up her daughter from her school. “They leave someone in case the one who painted the sign returns to the ‘crime scene.'”

In the background, where red reverberates more intensely, no one dares to go. Overflowing dumpsters, junk and junk complete the scene. On the other side of the wall is the stadium of the University of Havana, the institution that END has proposed to leave “revolted.” Its members resume the tradition of painting offensive signs against the dictatorship, as the University Student Directorate did in the 1930s against the tyrant Gerardo Machado.

In the background, where red reverberates more intensely, no one dares to go. Overflowing garbage containers, junk and junk complete the scene

“We have penetrated their universities, their hospitals and ministries, we have so much information that we are going to destroy them from within,” the members of END, which defines itself as an “active peaceful action movement,” said a few weeks ago on their Twitter profile. that follows “the ideas of Martí and the legacy of José Antonio Echeverría”.

The organization claimed responsibility for another poster, painted on the facade of the Faculty of Physics of the University of Havana on March 20. A week before, in broad daylight, they wrote with sand the motto “Down with the dictatorship, the murderous Castros” in the middle of Crespo street with Trocadero, in Centro Habana.

On that occasion, the removal of the poster was very quick, contrary to the sign in Parque Aguirre, where it remained the next morning while counterintelligence deployed a device in the area with dozens of agents stationed nearby. Anonymous graffiti has become even more frequent on the Island after the protests of July 11, 2021.


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