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Ortega sends Foreign Minister Moncada to Russia to consolidate Putin’s support

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Ortega sends Foreign Minister Moncada to Russia to consolidate Putin's support

Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada will travel to Russia on March 30 to meet with his counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, in the context of the arrest warrant issued against President Vladimir Putin, accused by the International Criminal Court (ICC). of crimes against humanity, this was announced by Moscow through the official Twitter account of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The visit responds to negotiations between the two nations, in addition to discussing the development of the Russian-Nicaraguan association, which aims to strengthen Russia’s support for Nicaragua before the UN Security Council, according to an expert in international law, under the condition anonymous for his safety, to the newspaper La Prensa.

Ortega was brought before the UN Security Council convened by the United States, despite the attempts of the regime and its allies China and Russia to avoid the session, where a report on the crisis that Nicaragua has been experiencing since 2018 was also presented. The UN Group of Experts on Human Rights recently recommended that the international community initiate legal action against the Nicaraguan regime.

“This meeting seeks to create a Security strategy for both Putin and Ortega and any other president who may find himself in a similar situation, Putin cannot travel to more than 120 countries, therefore it is important for his allies to guarantee his security outside the Russian territory,” Nicaraguan political scientist Pedro Fonseca told La Prensa.

Last February, Russia sent the Secretary of the Security Council, Nikolai Pátrushev, to Venezuela to meet with Nicolás Maduro to strengthen relations and cooperation between the two countries. Pátrushev has also held meetings with senior commanders of the Nicaraguan Army.

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