Red councilors demand that it be inspected so that pyrotechnics are not used

Red councilors demand that it be inspected so that pyrotechnics are not used

The commercialization and use of sound pyrotechnics is prohibited in the department of Colonia. During the night of the 24th in some cities -although to a lesser extent- sound fireworks were also used, in contravention of current regulations, voted by the Colonia Departmental Board.

The bench of ediles of the Colorado Party considers that it would be appropriate to establish a WhatsApp number to report cases of fireworks, as has been implemented in the departments of Rocha and Maldonado, so that in the event of complaints the police intervene.

He also put on the table that those who fail to comply with the regulations can receive sanctions of “20 to 300 Readjustable Units, depending on the severity” in fact, reaching the disqualification of the business that makes the sale.

The end-of-year festivities are coming and the Colorado Party, Ciudadanos sector, asks that “the non-use of fireworks be properly monitored.”
The red bench asked the Intendancy to comply with what corresponds to it, fully complying with the function of controller, inspection and, if necessary, the economic sanction corresponding to whoever violates the ordinance.

The colorados remarked that “sound fireworks affect people with ASD, hearing difficulties, children and pets. Being also a health risk in its handling

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