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Juan Ariel versus Sigmund Freund by public trust law

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Juan Ariel versus Sigmund Freund por ley de fideicomiso público

The former Minister of Economy, Juan Ariel Jimenez and the executive director of the Public-Private Alliance, sigmund freund held a digital debate on Twitter, based on criticism of the public trust bill that was approved in two readings in the Senate and will return to the Chamber of Deputies for its consideration.

Freund, who is also the political delegate of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) before the Central Electoral Board, responded to the ex-minister’s proposals, specifying that during the PLD governments, RD Vial, ParqueaT RD and the Juan Bosch Trust were created. “They took on debts and made purchases and contracts, all outside of a law. Now, President Luis Abinader submits a law to regulate the use of trusts and they oppose it.”what he considered as populism and incoherence as politicking.

“The estimate @SigmundFreund respond to my pointed criticisms of the public trusts bill with this tweet. I won’t respond to personal attacks, it’s not my style, plus I don’t need it. In this thread I clarify some things from a technical point of view, “replied the also member of the PLD Political Committee.

Both Jiménez and Freund got involved in proposals and responses on said social network, when addressing details of some of the aforementioned contracts and their respective purchasing processes.

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