Withdrawal of AFP 2022: From when can I withdraw the money from my fund?

Recommendations to keep your money safely in a financial institution

If you want to keep your money safely and plan to do so in a financial institution, the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP () provides some recommendations to make your experience satisfactory.

Choose the institution. Make sure that the company you choose has authorization from the SBS to carry out fundraising operations from the public.

check before signing. Before opening the account, read the contract clauses, the information and the tariff carefully. There is information you can find on the company’s website.

Annexes. Review the information sheet attached to the contract in detail because it indicates exactly the cost for commissions, expenses or other concepts.

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Secure connection. Once you sign the deposit agreement, constantly check your account or make transactions through secure internet connections. Avoid public networks.

Information request. Do not open emails or messages that ask to update your data by following a web link.

Upgrade. Keep your contact details updated at the financial institution.


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