Real Santa Cruz will receive The Strongest in an attractive feline clash

Real Santa Cruz will receive The Strongest in an attractive feline clash

August 9, 2022, 8:00 PM

August 9, 2022, 8:00 PM

Real Santa Cruz receives The Strongest in the feline fight for the ninth date of the Clausura. The ‘Pajonal lions’ sharpen their fangs without working normally, and the prey will not be easy to defeat.

Those directed by Andrés Marinangeli arrive with the financial problems that are already a habit in the club, but with the illusion of re-attaching himself to the leadership squad.

In the Santa Cruz club, salaries were paid until March (50%), and due to the lack of payments, from within the team, it was decided to stop the work, as a protest so that the leadership speed up negotiations, and consider options to be able to pay their squad.

Real Santa Cruz will be able to count on the return of Kevin Mina, who is already recovered from a blow he had suffered on the fifth date against Oriente Petrolero. The Ecuadorian could see minutes after two weeks and three days without competing.

The ‘Achumani tiger’ will arrive in Santa Cruz undefeated with ‘Pampa’ Biaggio as coach (five games with five victories), and in addition to enjoying a large number of goals in favor. 25 goals in eight games, and only eight conceded.

The meeting will take place this Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. at the Real Santa Cruz stadium. The arbitration will be in charge of Dilio Rodriguez, assisted by William Medina, and Oliver Castellón.

In the analysis and management of VAR will be Ivo Méndez from Santa Cruz and Juan Pablo Flores.

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