Re-election is activated in Abinader’s act

In the midst of the slogan “four more years,” President Luis Abinader broke ground yesterday for the start of the reconstruction of 350 homes for low-income families in sectors of Los Alcarrizos.

At the same time, the president started construction work on streets, speed bumps, sidewalks, and curbing in the La Esmeralda, Villa Progreso, and Las Mercedes neighborhoods.

Upon his arrival at the scene, the head of state dismounted and went to greet a crowd that was waiting for him with allusive posters and shouted slogans in favor of his reappointment in the 2024 elections.

Abinader was accompanied by the administrative minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza, the mayor of Los Alcarrizos, Cristian Encarnación, and leaders of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM).

Mayor Encarnación asked the President to declare the properties where many of these dwellings from the aforementioned sectors are located to be of public utility, so that the owners have legal certainty.

The president also took care of the Marcelino Vélez Santana Regional Hospital, where he started the construction of a modern Maternal and Child Unit and the transformation and rehabilitation works of the old health center building.

The work will have 59 hospital beds, 36 offices, an X-ray unit and a Neonatal Intensive Care unit, as well as three operating rooms, two delivery rooms, six recovery beds and five preparation beds, and a Pediatric Emergency.

Later he went to the Max Henríquez Ureña Polytechnic where he inaugurated the Science and Technology Fair of the province of Santo Domingo. The Fair has the purpose of promoting the scientific abilities of university students and of the middle level of the schools and colleges of this demarcation.

Reelection is activated in act of Abinader 5

The activity was organized by the National Presidential Management Council, the Liaison Office of the Executive Branch and the Christian Churches, the Family Cabinet, Community Technology Centers, Promipyme, the Higher Technological Institute and the Technological Institute of the Americas (ITLAS).

At the fair, the fields of life science, physical science, space and earth science, and engineering will be evaluated. The topics to be developed include engineering, robotics, applications, computing, video games, data science, natural sciences, the 3D world and clean energy.

The agenda
President Abinader began his activities by breaking ground for the construction of the maternity area of ​​the Marcelino Vélez Hospital.

The president visited the asphalting plan La Fe, Los Cocos. He also supervised the INESPRE station and the Familia Feliz housing project.

He also presided over the act Primero Tú, also in an act of the Supérate card. The agenda of the head of state also included a visit to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Saints of the Last Days (Los Mormones) and he attended the first palazzo construction of the supervision building of the National Police in this municipality, in the Pantoja sector. The president met at a lunch with members of the Neighborhood Councils in Pantoja.

a note


At the event, dozens of leaders and militants chanted slogans in favor of Abinader’s re-election. “May he be four years old and aspire to four more”, “four more and then we will talk”, “let’s continue with the changes”, were some of the re-election phrases

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