MSP reporta 122 nuevos casos de covid

RD registers 49 infections of covid-19; there are 204 active cases

Santo Domingo.- The positivity of the coronavirus was placed at 1.82% after the detection of 49 covid-19 infections in 2,688 samples for the first time reported by the Ministry of Public Health.

He indicated in the epidemiological bulletin 744 that the active infected add up to 204 while those registered are 578,179 of which 573,660 have recovered and 2,653,129 have been discarded.

He pointed out that among the risk groups, 67,010 children under the age of 20 have been infected, as well as 2,300 health workers and 1,831 pregnant women.

He specified that the total of anticovid tests carried out yesterday were 3,452 of which 764 were subsequent and the positivity of the last four weeks stood at 0.90%.

He stressed that the deaths from the virus continue to be 4,375, of which 23.13% suffered from hypertension and 14.47% from diabetes with a fatality rate of 0.76%.


Hospital occupancy due to coronavirus remains at 5% with 109 occupied beds of the 2,373 available to assist those who fall ill with covid-19.

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Of the total number of beds enabled, 585 were allocated to intensive care units (ICU), of which 20 are occupied, which is equivalent to 3%.

While connected to ventilators, 4% of the patients require artificial respiration with 19 of the 469 ventilators in use in that covid-19 area.

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