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Rasmussen is in favor of internal elections in the opposition

Rasmussen is in favor of internal elections in the opposition

Stephan Rasmussen, national senator for the Patria Querida (PPQ) party, said that his party’s candidate for President of the Republic, Sebastián Villarejo, is determined to fight for the presidency in the next internal opposition elections to be held on December 18. next.

These comments come after the request of some opposition candidates to define the presidential tag after a consensus to be held before August 31. With this, we want to avoid wasting potable candidates for the Legislative Power that are losers of the presidential internal ones.

“We are working for his candidacy, working so that Villarejo wins the internal ones,” he said.

Regarding the controversial posting on networks, where he announced that his party was not going to participate in a meeting of opposition candidates if the organizer is Fernando Lugo, he replied that institutional paths should be followed.

«First of all, the Guasu Front has not yet signed the agreement to form part of the Coalition. And on the other hand, it does not seem that the right path is for Lugo, who is not a candidate for president, to make a call of this nature. It doesn’t seem very institutional to us and we don’t know how much benefit can be gained from a meeting like this », he stated.

He argued that the Coalition is not an alliance, but rather, represents internal electoral groups.

«With the Guasu Front, with the National Encounter and with the PLRA we have our differences. In the internal ones of December 18 the voter will define. This is not an alliance where we agree with everything. He is going to compete electorally, the one with the most votes will be elected », he concluded.

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