Ramón Alburquerque señala los yerros y aciertos de Luis Abinader

Ramón Alburquerque points out the mistakes and successes of Luis Abinader

The leader of Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Ramon Albuquerqueexpressed today the mistakes and successes that, in his opinion, have characterized the first two years of Government of the president Luis Abinader.

Among the mistakes pointed out by Albuquerque include education, electricity tariff, migration, among others.

“Two years later, summary of errors of the PRM government, education crashraises of electric billssome carelessness with inflation, oversight in immigration, abandonment of perremeistas. Lazy hand with criminality, charges against oligarchs and some cases of corruption, “said Ramón Alburquerque.

Through your account Twitteralso former senator of the republic referred to the lights that in his opinion can present the Abinader’s administration.

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“Summary of successes of the PRM governmentpandemic management, food production, Recovery economical, senase management. Public ministry independent and fight against corruptiontransparent spending, social assistance programs, public works program”, he pointed out.

It should be noted that during the first two years of Government of Luis Abinaderthe perremeista leader has launched several criticisms in various orders.

The President Luis Abinader up this August 16 to his second year in officeand it is planned that it will address the country through a radio, television and digital media network.

The address will take place from Santiago provincein which the president will be accompanied by an extensive representation of his officials, special guests, businessmen, among others.

Analysis of the first two years

With a view to completing the first two years of management by the president Luis Abinaderthe newspaper TODAY Digital will present this Tuesday a special program to analyze together with various personalities the impact from 2020 to 2022 of the PRM Government.

The special program called “TODAY, after two years of government” will be attended by the Vice President of the PRM, Eddy Olivares; senator from Elijah Pineapple for him PLD, Ivan Lawrence and the deputy of Santo domingo norte by People’s Force, Ruben Maldonado. It will be conducted by journalists yinet fernandez Y Joel Serum.

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