Rainy season has left 32 dead in Ecuador

Rainy season has left 32 dead in Ecuador

The balance also records, among other things, 115 houses destroyed, more than 20 thousand meters of roads with problems and some 8,000 agricultural hectares affected.

A total of 32 people have dead until today (March 6, 2022) in Ecuador as a consequence of events occurred by the rainy season which has also left 70 injured, the National Secretariat for Risk and Emergency Management reported this Sunday.

The largest number of dead (28) was registered in the alluvium occurred on January 31 in the La Comuna sector, in the west center of Quito.

According to Risk Management, a total of 7,208 people have been affected by the winter season and 967 have been affected.

There are 1,026 households affected and 115 destroyed, according to the agency, which also counts 20,418 meters of affected pathways and 8,332.50 agricultural hectares with different levels of affectation.

According to the monitoring carried out between January 1 and March 5, 430 dangerous events have been registered in 107 cantons due to rainyindicates the report, which points out that among the provinces with the greatest affectations to people are Los Ríos, Guayas, Pichincha and Cotopaxi.

Among the events registered since January in the rainy season is it so alluvium (16), structural collapses (40), landslides (223), hailstorms (2), subsidence (6), floods (119), scours (18), thunderstorms (4), and gales (2).

According to the Risk Management Secretariat, at the moment there are six rivers with a tendency to increase in level: Chimborazo (Chanchán river), Cotopaxi (Pilaló), Esmeraldas (Esmeraldas), Guayas (Bijahual and Daule), and Pichincha (Machángara). . EFE

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