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Rains were beneficial for agricultural crops in the northern zone

The rainy that have fallen in the Cibao area in recent days, in general, have been beneficial for crops, said in Santiago the northern regional manager of the Ministry of farmingPedro Luis Trinidad.

“The rainy that fell this week mainly affected the crop of beans because they were in the flowering stage and the flowers fell off, the other crops were benefited, the tobacco planting was paused, due to lack of rain, there was a new air of planting in the whole country,” the official told Diario Libre.

He also pointed out that there was damage to the inter-parcel roads in the Puerto Plata area, for which he has been ordering the transfer of the necessary equipment to repair them.

Likewise, he said that he was able to verify, during a tour of the places where strong rainy, “that these allowed the lagoons of the plots to fill with water, in general the rainy have been more beneficial than harmful in terms of farming is concerned,” Trinidad said.

Members of the Civil Defense assist families affected by the rains. (CESAR JIMENEZ)

Civil Defense assists affected people

The Civil Defense and other government institutions have been assisting the families affected by the flooding of rivers, streams and ravines as a result of the rainy that caused a frontal system that still affects the northern part of the country, causing light, moderate and heavy rainfall.

The provinces that have been most affected by the rainy They are: Montecristi, Valverde, Santiago, Duarte, Espaillat, Puerto Plata and María Trinidad Sánchez.

The Ministry of Public Health warned the residents of places affected by floods that after the rainy epidemic outbreaks of influenza, dengue, leptospirosis, acute diarrheal disease (EDA), among others, are increasing, so it is recommended that people take preventive measures such as: make drinking water drinkable with five drops of chlorine per gallon, wash well vegetables, fruits and kitchen utensils, and avoid bathing in downpours.

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