Raffo calls to defend the LUC "with pickets in the neighborhoods"

Raffo calls to defend the LUC “with pickets in the neighborhoods”

Laura Raffo attended the National Party youth camp.  Photo: Twitter / Laura Raffo
Laura Raffo attended the National Party youth camp. Photo: Twitter / Laura Raffo

The former candidate for mayor of Montevideo, Laura Raffo, came out to defend the Law of Urgent Consideration, asking the youth of the National Party to go out “to the streets” with flags for “No”.

The president of the Montevideo Department of the National Party participated in the National Youth Congress of her political force, which was also attended by the Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado -who also starred in a controversy sharing a misleading spot on an article that would not be repealed. At the event, Raffo asked the militants present that “we must go out onto the streets with voting flags ‘do not repeal’, with pickets and movements in the neighborhoods, at fairs, everyone working together ”.

And he added: “that stretch that we have left of effort, where we have to transmit and defend this law with all the energy, with what is perceived when one sees the youth of the PN.”

“We already have an armed campaign, we already have the identity of the ‘vote not to repeal’, we already have clear messages, the youth know how to explain it better than anyone. What fails us is changing the mood on the streets. And what better than the youth of the PN to achieve this? ”, Continued Raffo.

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The ruling party came out with since the middle of last week, when several audiovisual spots were launched in defense of the Urgent Consideration Law. One of them caused controversy because it refers to an article that would not be repealed, which shortened the adoption times from 5 years to 18 months. The video was shared by various personalities of the coalition, including the deputy secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, and the vice president of the Republic, Beatriz Argimón.

Another controversy was unleashed by the member of the Colorado Party and deputy secretary of the Senate of the Republic, Adrián Juri, who falsely asserted that the referendum wants to eliminate the national registry of rapists and sexual abusers. The article that created this instance is not among the 135 to be repealed.

On November 4, the president of the National Party said that “we have to play with the truth, things are being said that I do not like to adjective, but they are not in accordance with what is in the law”, in a clear signal towards the opposition. And he also admitted that “most citizens do not know what the LUC is about.”

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