Rafael López Aliaga announces that he will not meet with any Minister of State: "They dishonor the homeland"

Rafael López Aliaga announces that he will not meet with any Minister of State: “They dishonor the homeland”

The virtual mayor of Lima, announced that he will not meet to talk with any of the Ministers of State after pointing out that he will not seek dialogue with the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo.

After having met with the president of Congress, Joseph Williams (Avanza País), López Aliaga considered that the members of the ministerial cabinet “dishonor” to the country and emphasized that the holders of the different portfolios are constantly changing.

The ministers that this Mr. Castillo has really dishonor the country. I would be wrong to give him an endorsement as mayor of Lima, which is the second authority elected by popular vote in our country.. I would be wrong to dialogue with people willing to be part of a gear, in my opinion, totally questioned. And, worst of all, it rotates every week. I can talk (with the ministers) if they want, but after a week they won’t be there”, he declared for the media.

The elected mayor also mentioned that after meeting with Williams Zapata he concluded that there are several issues in common between his eventual municipal management and the Legislative Power.

We have several themes in common. The popular housing issue, which is a joint effort between a Congress commission and a municipal commission that, in our case, was appointed yesterday. (There) is Dr. Fabiola Morales, Dr. Renzo Reggiardo to discuss these joint legislative initiatives“, held.

Rafael Lopez Aliaga He also highlighted that he asked the head of Parliament for the “region competitions” for Lima and participation in the preparation of the national public budget.


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