Argentina who died in an accident in Bávaro served as security coordinator at IBM

Argentina who died in an accident in Bávaro served as security coordinator at IBM

Valeria Brovelli, died this Thursday afternoon after the bus in which she was traveling on an excursion overturned.

Valeria Victoria Brovelli, the Argentine tourist who died this Thursday in a bus accident, was 33 years old. From the Buenos Aires town of Florida, Vicente López district, the woman studied at the La Salle school in Florida and later received a degree in Environmental Sciences at the Universidad del Salvador. In the same Institution, in 2019, she graduated with a degree in Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she has spent the last seven years working as a security coordinator at IBM.

According to what was reported by the Argentine Foreign Ministry, the woman was on the bus in the company of her husband: they were on vacation and were on their way to an excursion to Saona Island. As Infobae learned, the man is hospitalized along with eleven other people and still could not recognize the body of his partner.

In Valeria’s Facebook account there are photos of previous trips she made. In one of them, dated February 2017, she is seen on the Similan Islands in Thailand.

At the moment, the diplomatic authorities are in communication with the relatives of the young woman and a consular official is traveling to Punta Cana to assist the rest of the Argentine citizens who were injured.

The accident occurred in the Bávaro area, La Altagracia province, when the driver of the bus that was transporting the group of 40 foreigners lost control, making a maneuver to avoid colliding with a car and a truck. In the attempt, the driver went off the road and overturned.

“At 09:00 in the morning of the day of the date, October 06 of the current year, a accident traffic with multiple victims on the East Tourist Boulevard, at the height of the Total Bomb of the Crossing of the Mine, where according to collected versions, he tried to avoid hitting a car and a truck, losing control and turning around with approximately 50 passengers ”, indicated a report from the Verón Punta Cana District Board and the Municipal Emergency Operations Center (COEM).

The Minister of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, David Collado, also traveled to Punta Cana and the government of that nation has ordered the action of a Civil Defense Cabinet, which will be in charge of the Vice Minister of Tourism, Patricia Mejía, to work on the case.

“Sad and dismayed by the unfortunate accident of the bus occupied by foreigners, which occurred this morning. We visited the different hospitals where they were transferred, to offer our full support and solidarity at this difficult time. Shortly, the relevant authorities will offer the due report, meanwhile we ask the media and the population to be cautious with the information that is shared out of respect for the families and those involved, ”Collado commented on his official Twitter account.

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