Rafael (Fiquito) Vásquez desconfía capacidad de Miguel Vargas para liderar PRD

Rafael (Fiquito) Vásquez distrusts the ability of Miguel Vargas to lead the PRD

Santo Domingo. – The national secretary of organization of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), Rafael (Fiquito) Vásquez, declared that political organization “in a state of emergency” due to the inability of its president, Miguel Vargas Maldonado, to lead the once powerful white party .

The senior leader of the PRD affirmed that the engineer Miguel Vargas Maldonado has the party kidnapped, violating the statutes by making decisions without meeting or consulting the leadership bodies and without listening to the party’s bases.

He added that as a result of the incapacity of Vargas Maldonado, “the PRD today has less than one percent of sympathy in the Dominican population while when he assumed the presidency of our organization he was above 40% in the preference of the electorate. national.

Vásquez urged the president of the PRD to get to work and put aside exclusions and political sectarianism and stop inventing unfounded political accusations seeking public notoriety.

“If comrade Miguel Vargas Maldonado does not change course, we will soon see the acronym of the party that has had the greatest mass leader of the country and part of the world, Dr. Peña Gómez, disappear,” Vásquez said in statements through a note from press.

The political leader also denounced that the president of the PRD has dedicated himself to discrediting the mayors who have abandoned the ranks of his party, when he has not realized that if things do not change he will remain alone because no one is where he is not. take into account and much less where there is no guarantee of his political future.

He recalled that for the first time his party was unable to present a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic and the mayors who won their seats in those elections today call Miguel Vargas Maldonado, but he does not take their calls and even worse is that they try to see him and never is available to receive them.

According to Vásquez, seeing themselves ignored and mistreated by the president of the PRD, some mayors have gone to another nest seeking the guarantees that an organization “which is in a state of emergency due to the stubbornness of Miguel Vargas Maldonado, who has shown not having the vision that is required to lead an organization with the tradition of the PRD”.

“Compañero Miguel Vargas Maldonado cannot forget that when he was chancellor he forgot his party responsibilities, ignoring and mistreating the leadership and all the party’s militancy, instead of strengthening his party, which received him with 40% sympathy .

Likewise, Vásquez called on the entire leadership of the PRD to unify to stop the bleeding that the PRD is suffering today and to join efforts to rescue the political organization of Peña Gómez and thus avoid the definitive disappearance of the party that returned democracy to the country upon arriving to power in 1978.

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