SANCIÓN. La placa develada por el caso sobornos permanece en la esquina de las calles Chile y García Moreno, en el centro de Quito. Fue colocada en diciembre de 2020.

Rafael Correa’s assets are not seized despite the sentence

The former president was sentenced to pay $778,224, as part of the reparation to the State. The country must recover more than $14 million.

One year and four months after the ratification of the sentence for the corruption case known as Bribery 2012-2016, the assets of former President Rafael Correa continue without being seized.

orders of revocation and annulment of orders previously issued, that were presented by the former president, were denied. With this, the execution of his sentence remains firm.

What has happened

The Court has not yet responded to the Comptroller on the request for seizure of the assets of the former president. This seeks to know how many properties are in his name in Ecuador, and start the legal process to auction them off and recover part of the money. This newspaper communicated on Monday, January 31, 2022, to know the version of the judges, but had no response.

However, on November 7, 2021, the Guayaquil Property Registry registered the property confiscation of seven sentenced persons. There, an apartment was identified in the Centro de la Vivienda Condominium in the name of Correa.

The State Attorney General’s Office sent a letter to judges Walter Macías, Marco Rodríguez and Luis Rojas on December 11, 2021, in which the Asset Recovery Unit requests to order the seizure of movable and immovable property belonging to all those sentenced. So far, the judicial decision is not known and the truth is that one year and four months after the ratification of the sentence, the money has not been recovered.

Not even the plaque has been paid

The former president has not yet complied with the percentage of the payment of the plaque placed on a side wall of the Palace by Carondelet -in the center of Quito- in which the names of the 20 sentenced in this case are recorded.

The cost of the stone sheet, which is part of the sentence, was assumed by the Attorney General’s Office in December 2020.

The entity invested a total $448 for the marble piece, which contains an excerpt from the sentence and reminds those sentenced that “public resources must always be managed honestly.” Today, the institution seeks to recover that investment.

18 sentenced must ‘make a cow’ for the plaque

The latest actions taken by the court in charge of the execution of the sentence in the Bribery case have to do with a court order to cover the value of the plate. The judges Paul Loayza (replacing Judge Walter Macías due to illness), Marco Rodriguez and Luis Rojas They ordered that, until Friday, February 4, 2021, the 18 sentenced as authors and co-authors hand over $23.58 each, while the accomplices (Laura Terán and Alberto Hidalgo) deposit $11.79.

CORRUPTION. Rafael Correa, former president of Ecuador, was convicted of the crime of bribery in the Bribery corruption case.

The millions are not recovered

The total payment determined by the Court in September 2020 for the bribery case is of $14.7 million. The perpetrators and co-perpetrators of the crime had to pay $778,224 and the accomplices $368,632.

Of the 20 convicted, only three have complied with the payments ordered by the court. The total amount that the State Attorney General’s Office has managed to recover is barely $1.9 million, of $14.7 million. That is, only 13% has been collected.

seized accounts

What the judges already authorized was the seizure of bank accounts. But, in some cases they have received long. The Pacific and Bolivarian banks responded to the execution court that, in order to proceed with the seizure and transfer of the securities, “the type of account and RUC of the beneficiary must be provided.” This response further delays the processes to recover the money.

Alexis Mera’s accounts

The Attorney General’s Office requested on five occasions that an account of Alexis Mera, former legal secretary of the Presidency, be seized. The court ordered to withhold the amount of $778,224 that corresponds to pay as compensation to the State after his conviction for corruption.

The bank accounts of 17 of 20 sentenced for bribery in the bribery case They were seized by the State Attorney General’s Office on November 10, 2021. This was reported by that entity. With what happened with Mera, there would be 18 cases in which the Attorney General seeks to know how much money they have in the entire financial system, which includes banks and credit unions. The exact value of what exists in bank accounts is not yet known.

About another sentenced, Ramiro Galarza, a savings and credit company responded to the court and reported that “there are no securities available in the account” in his name. The process progresses slowly.

New hearing for suspended sentence

The judges set for the February 4, 2022 the date for the hearing Conditional suspension of the sentence of businessman Alberto Hidalgo. With this resource, it is sought that he can serve the sentence without having to go to prison, but that he can carry out works of social service.

Prosecutor will formulate charges against Fernando Alvarado

The Prosecutor’s Office accuses him of failing to comply with the legitimate order of a competent authority, when the electronic shackle that monitored it was removed when he was investigated by alleged case of corruption that was archived.

The diligence will be carried out in the North Judicial Complex, located on Av. Amazonas and Juan José Villalengua. On this occasion, the judge did not give the option of holding the hearing electronically, as he did previously. “The parties are informed that for the appearance of this hearing they must take all biosecurity measures.”

The hearing was to take place on Friday, January 28, 2022, but a public defender asked the Judge Geovanny Freire to declare the judicial appointment failed, since Alvarado’s lawyers did not connect electronically or appear in person. The judge suspended her so that the lawyer reviews the file.

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