Rádio MEC presents a special on National Classical Music Day

Rádio MEC presents a special on National Classical Music Day

In honor of the 135th anniversary of the birth of Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos, the Radio MEC features a special schedule. The public broadcaster plays a repertoire only with works by Brazilian composers to celebrate the National Day of Classical Music.Rádio MEC presents a special on National Classical Music Day

Since midnight, MEC airs 24 hours of the country’s main authors. In addition to the legacy of Villa-Lobos, the productions highlight the compositions of personalities who are a reference in Brazilian classical music such as Carlos Gomes, Francisco Mignone and Marlos Nobre, among other great artists.

The reach of the contents gains more visibility with the entry of Radio MEC on the platform streaming Spotify audio. To conquer new audiences, among other initiatives, the broadcaster debuts playlists and podcastspromotes engagement in social networks and develops new interactive projects.

Known for being the Classical Music Radio of Brazil, MEC reverberates its digital presence on the date with news. The commemoration of the ephemeris enhances the actions of the broadcaster managed by Brazil Communication Company (EBC).

The station launches playlist on “100 years of Radio – Anos 1930” on Spotify with a wide selection of Brazilian composers who played on the radio at that time. On the platform, you can listen to unique repertoires and exclusive productions.

The quality of content curation is one of the differentials of Radio MEC. To delight the audience, the viewer has the opportunity to choose collections of classics and discover remarkable programs with the contagious rhythm and vibrancy that characterize the station’s attractions.

Listeners are guaranteed participation and can collaborate with suggestions for the program’s Radio MEC. The public can interact through social networks and Whatsapp. For this, interested parties simply send text messages to the number (21) 99710-0537.

special attractions

The thematic program of Radio MEC to celebrate the 135th birthday of Heitor Villa-Lobos, on March 5th, starts at midnight from Friday (4th) to Saturday (5th). For 24 hours, the station presents a sequence of special productions with a repertoire that honors the National Day of Classical Music.

The highlights of the tribute begin at midnight with the Radio MEC Collection. The proposal is to rescue a selection of historical series with Brazilian classical composers that are part of the vast collection preserved by the public broadcaster.

Early in the morning, at 6 am, the Áurea Música program provides an overview of the beginnings of classical composition in Brazil. The attraction includes works by composers from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods.

At 8 am, Manhã MEC FM presents the most important Brazilian compositions in concert music. In the early afternoon, at 1 pm, the special program features the song Clássicos do Ouvinte, which performs the songs most requested by the public.

In the late afternoon, at 5 pm, the station airs the preview of the new season of the traditional Sala de Concerto program. Live, straight from the studio of Radio MECwith live broadcast on the networks, the artists Turibio Santos and Hugo Pilger perform the recital “Violão e Cellos, the instruments of Villa”.

Later, at 6 pm, Roda de Choro also enters a new season. The audience champion program makes a selection of themes by Villa-Lobos in the form of choro. Finally, at 9 pm, Plateia has a special edition. The thematic production highlights Brazilian orchestras and national concert music.

about the broadcaster

Recognized by music lovers, the Radio MEC is consecrated by the public for its vocation towards classical music. The traditional station dedicates 80% of its programming to classical music and airs Brazilian and international composers of all times.

Among exclusive content, with live broadcasts and the appreciation of the rich collection preserved by the broadcaster, Radio MEC offers listeners the experience of following segmented repertoires, original compositions and qualified productions. There is also room for jazz tracks and Brazilian popular music, a combination that guarantees the conquest of new audiences and pleases the captive audience.

Radio MEC’s ​​special programming for the National Classical Music Day

00h – Radio MEC Collection – productions with Brazilian classical composers preserved in the collection

6h – Áurea Música – beginnings of classical composition in the country with works from the colonial period

8 am – Morning MEC FM – overview of the most important Brazilian compositions in concert music

1pm – Listener’s Classics – selection of the most requested songs by the public

5pm – Concert Hall – premiere of the new season with the recital “Guitar and Cellos, Villa’s instruments”, live in the studio and live on our networks, with Turibio Santos and Hugo Pilger

6pm – Roda de Choro – premiere of the new season with a special selection of songs by Villa-Lobos in the form of choro

21:00 – Audience – special with Brazilian orchestras and national concert music


Radio MEC special programming – 135 years of birth of Heitor Villa-Lobos and National Day of Classical Music

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Radio MEC on the internet and social networks

Website: https://radiomec.ebc.com.br

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/radiomec

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/radiomec

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/radiomec

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/radiomec

Twitter: https://twitter.com/radiomec

WhatsApp: (21) 99710-0537

Learn how to tune in to Radio MEC

Rio de Janeiro: FM 99.3 MHz and AM 800 kHz

Brasília: FM 87.1 MHz and AM 800 kHz

EBC Radios app, available for Android and iOS

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