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Quito at a yellow traffic light: what can you do?

Quito has presented a decrease in cases of COVID-19 and with that it has expanded the capacity in different activities.

As of January 9, 2022, Quito ceased to be on orange alert and became a yellow epidemiological traffic light.

This is because, according to Francisco Viteri, Secretary of Health, there is a drop in the incidence of positive cases, from 62% to 42%.

Here we tell you what you can and cannot do in Quito.

  1. The use of face mask in public spaces is still compulsory. If you don’t comply, you pay one $100 fine.
  2. The mask is also mandatory in the public transport.
  3. All establishments (with regulated capacity) must request a vaccination card with a complete schedule for you to enter.
  4. The Pico y placa does not change and remains the same.
  5. And the capacities are as follows:
    • Cinemas and theaters 60%
    • Shopping malls including food courts 75%
    • Supermarkets and markets 75%
    • Banking Agencies and Cooperatives 70%
    • Restaurants: in exteriors 80%; in interiors 70%
    • Non-contact activity gyms 75%
    • Auditoriums, conventions, receptions and banquets of a social nature: in exteriors 80%; in interiors 70%
    • Auditoriums corporate and academic tourist accommodation: in exteriors 85%; in interiors 80%
    • Bars, clubs, tolerance centers and nightlife fifty%
    • Training centers and gyms contact activities 50%

The authorities carry out a fortnightly evaluation of the epidemiological state of the city and can maintain or change these measures. (AVV)

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