Quintana says that the Government and the MAS in the Assembly do not measure up to take to the streets

Quintana says that the Government and the MAS in the Assembly do not measure up to take to the streets

In the framework of the political training course in the Chapare, Tropic of Cochabamba, Juan Ramón Quintana, former Minister of the Presidency of Evo Morales, he questioned the Luis Arce administration and the legislators of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) for not defending a law in the streets. He attributed this to the lack of ideological and political training, reported the Urgentebo portal.

“Now we are having difficulties and we have to be self-critical, because Our colleagues in the Government and in the Legislative do not have enough political and ideological training to stand up and take to the streets, to occupy a trench, to fight for a law, “said who was a strong man in the government of former President Evo Morales.

Quintana recommended that it is time to lose fear if the social organizations and the people still “want to exercise power.” “We have to learn to command, because a people that does not command is a subjugated peopleThey are a humiliated people (…) the majority rule in a democracy ”, he stressed.

In turn, the former minister said that lthe streets will be the trench of struggle and he warned that the opposition is “sharpening its teeth”, to carry out a new coup.

“We have to warm up for the marches, warm up to defend our government where necessary (…) dear comrades you have to prepare for the battles to come “, Quintana said.

For his part, the head of the bench of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) in the Chamber of Deputies, Gualberto Arispe, said that what Quintana does when referring to the legislators of the blue party, is nothing more than a reflection.

“What former Minister Quintana does is reflect. But what he cannot say is that the legislators are not up to the task, there are professionals in different areas prepared”, Highlighted the MAS deputy for Cochabamba.

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