Quinoa or black kiss: panettones are reinvented for all tastes

Quinoa or black kiss: panettones are reinvented for all tastes

Verónica Zapana S. / La Paz

Christmas is coming and the stores begin to fill up with panettone. Unlike previous years – when only the traditional ones were prepared – now they are reinvented and appear for all tastes and with different flavors, ranging from black kiss to quinoa.

For this year 2021, the novelty is the black kiss panettone that Chocolates Cóndor and La Francesa released.

“Not only friends have given me good comments about this panettone, I also read many recommendations on social networks. For this reason, today (yesterday), I came to buy one, ”Mariel López told Página Siete. “They told me that it has a nice dough and that it is covered with chocolate,” he said.

She added that “this panettone will be finished today because her three children and she will eat it as soon as they get home.”

In shops and markets, the landladies offer a variety of panettones in La Paz.
Photo: Víctor Gutiérrez / Page Siete

Like Mariel, many people look for this product in the stores and shopping streets of the city of La Paz, for example, Garcilaso de la Vega. “This panettone is the most sought after this year. It’s the novelty, ”said one of the landladies on that central street, Mariana de Alarcón.

The merchant said that in recent years, companies began to reinvent the production of panettone with different ingredients. Thus they began to produce products for all tastes.

“Many people say that they do not like the traditional one because of the raisins or the glazed fruits that are essential ingredients of these panettone,” said De Alarcón.

Additionally, many citizens who are dieting or have diabetes now have several options.

Paola Condori, from the Irupana store, affirmed that now there are quinoa panettones, from the Apnaqui factory. “These are products that help regulate the stomach. There are the traditional ones and the one with a chocolate flavor ”, he explained.

Irupana panettone “are whole, nutritious and without any cholesterol.” Condori said these are recommended for people who have cancer, diabetes and gastritis. “It helps them even out the salt and sugar,” he said.

Ceibo panettones are also offered. One is made of chocolate and the other only has fruits and no raisins.

“Its fruits are natural and do not make the stomach bloat,” said Paola. Prices in the local market are between 28 and 35 bolivianos. “The flavors are natural,” he added.

There are also the traditional ones from San Gabriel. “This company is characterized by bringing toys and families take more this product for their children,” said Mariana, another merchant.

“Christmas black kiss”

Quinoa or black kiss: panettones are reinvented for all tastes
The black kiss panettone, one of the novelties.
Photo: Víctor Gutiérrez / Page Siete

One of the workers of Chocolates Cóndor, Sofía Aguilar, said that the company has always been known for innovating its products at the end of the year parties.

The founder of the company, Hortencia Accounts de Gonzales, had the idea of ​​mixing the flavor of the chocolate shop’s star product, the black kiss with the panettone mass. “She said that one day she took the black kiss cream home and tasted it with the panettone mass. Seeing that it was palatable, the idea for this new creation came up, ”he said.

Now, people look for the product in stores and in shopping malls. “We have limited stock,” Aguilar said. The product in the chocolate shops costs 45 bolivianos and in the stalls it is worth up to 55 bolivianos.

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