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Quiet environment in Durango

Saul Maldonado and Roberto Garduno

Correspondent and Envoy

Newspaper La Jornada
Sunday June 5, 2022, p. 6

Durango, Dgo., Before the electoral process in the entity, the political climate is calm. The deployment of the Army and the National Guard in various regions (La Laguna, Sierra and Los Llanos) sought to guarantee calm among voters. The mobilization of the security forces occurred mainly in the towns of Canelas, Topia, Gómez Palacio and Ciudad Lerdo.

The state’s Electoral and Citizen Participation Institute forecasts 57 percent turnout at the polls, while the political parties estimate that it will not exceed 50 to 52 percent.

Morena and her allies from the PT, PVEM and Redes Sociales Progresistas – who are risking their local registration and have to obtain 3 percent of the vote – declared themselves ready to cover and monitor 100 percent of the polls. The Va por México coalition announced that its electoral structure is oiled to cover the process.

Months after a dispute between the local Congress and the electoral authority over allegations of spending cuts, still yesterday in the city of Durango it was observed that ordinary officials from the electoral institute were distributing face masks with the legend I do vote inside brown paper bags, in addition to the profuse reproduction of spots on radio and television.

The election will focus on the observation of 10 of the 39 municipalities of the state, mainly Durango capital, Gómez Palacio and Ciudad Lerdo, where 65 percent of the voter registration is concentrated. The remaining seven demarcations are Santiago Papasquiaro, Pueblo Nuevo, Guadalupe Victoria, Vicente Guerrero, Puanas and Cuencamé.

Durango has a nominal list of one million 338 thousand 589 citizens ready to vote in 2 thousand 545 voting booths. The governorship and the 39 city councils will be at stake, for which there will be 39 mayors, 39 unions and 327 council positions. The rest of the municipalities have less than 2 percent of the census.

The authorities of the State Electoral Tribunal yesterday confirmed to this newspaper that the pre-election atmosphere is calm and no mobilization actions were detected between the political forces. In the capital city, the atmosphere was normal, with families shopping and tourists who toured the historic center. Sources from the state prosecutor’s office indicated that in the entity It was recorded calmly, without any incident reported throughout the Durango territory.

However, in Guadalupe Victoria it was reported that the candidate of the Va por México coalition, David Ramos, was intimidated by people carrying weapons and stationed themselves outside his campaign house. Upon arrival, the state police found that the weapons were made of plastic.

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