Monsignor Álvarez asks for the renewal of Nicaragua on Pentecost

Monsignor Álvarez asks for the renewal of Nicaragua on Pentecost

In his Sunday homily on Pentecost,Monsignor Rolando Alvarezbishop of the diocese of Matagalpa and apostolic administrator of Estelí, called for peace and the expulsion of the “culture of death” in Nicaragua.

«Holy Spirit renew this homeland of ours. Holy Spirit of God renew the earth, renew this homeland of ours, blow your breath on all of us and sustain us in the hope of building a fraternal country with a horizon of peace”, said Monsignor from the San Pedro de Matagalpa Cathedral this June 5.

The Catholic hierarch, who recently suffered persecution and police siege under the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, he raised his prayers for a country where its inhabitants live free and dignified, without violence, neither blind nor deaf in the face of those most in need.

“Deliver us from the culture of death, from the culture of discarding, from any trace of revenge that wants to seep into hearts! Deliver us from all evil, deliver us from the evil one!” said the bishop.

Monsignor Rolando Álvarez at the Pentecost mass from the San Pedro Cathedral, Matagalpa, 2022. Photo: Diocese Media/ Manuel Obando.

“Enlighten us actions that allow us all to live with the dignity and freedom of the children of God. Come in a new Pentencost, bring us your forgiveness, free us from all violence, from all injustice, from all intolerance and make us walk paths of friendship and reunion, path of culture of respect and forgiveness, “he added.

In his prayer he also asked for unity, respect, authenticity and forgiveness. “Deliver us from violence, from ruptures, from discord, and teach us the language of fraternity. Heal us from any sadness and make us understand that fear paralyzes; despair, buries; and hate self-destructs,” said Monsignor Álvarez.

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In his request, during the Christian feast of the coming of the Holy Spirit to the apostles and the birth of the Church, the bishop prayed to remove the “blindness and deafness” and be ready to help the needy.

«(Holy Spirit) flood us with generosity and goodness, and separate us from selfishness, pride, anger and greed. Holy Spirit of God illuminate our land, come as a new Pentecost and renew this homeland of ours with your love, “said the Catholic leader.

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