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Qatar supports Paraguay with US$ 10 million for projects against school dropouts

The productive and business unions issued a statement in which they remind the government authorities of their commitment to the country in the management and administration of the different positions they hold. They urge them to dedicate themselves to their functions and not neglect them in electoral activities.

In the statement, the unions remind the ministers of the Executive Power and other officials of the scope of Art. 241 of the National Constitution, which establishes that they have similar incompatibilities established for the President of the Republic (art. 237), that is, , they have the duty to “dedicate themselves exclusively to their functions”.

In this regard, they indicate that “nomination for elective positions —no doubt about it— forces them to neglect their functions, in addition to being evident that electoral competition can distract if not affect the objectivity of their decisions in the interest of the common good.”

They also indicate that our country needs its authorities to dedicate themselves full time to designing, promoting and executing public policies, which is not possible if officials are “forced to divert their attention from winning votes in the campaign, as they are doing”.

We do not deny the right to run for elective office, but —for the reasons indicated— we consider that their political claims are incompatible with the functions they perform and it is inconvenient for the interests of the country”, they highlight.

For all of the above, they request that they choose between serving the Nation or their political interests, stepping aside if they wish to advance in their candidacies.

On the other hand, they ask parliamentarians not to neglect their work in the exercise of their political activity and to prioritize legislative issues, always taking care to preserve macroeconomic stability.

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