Putin reiterates need to achieve security guarantees for Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin today drew attention to the importance for the country of obtaining comprehensive security guarantees from the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

In a message of greeting to officials and veterans of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Diplomat’s Day, the president pointed out that the growing level of tension in the world requires additional and persistent efforts to ensure strategic stability, in addition to countering threats and emerging challenges.

Putin stressed the relevance of the country’s systematic work to consolidate the international rule of law and the central coordinating role of the United Nations in building a fair and stable multipolar world order.

He stressed that, thanks to the work of the Foreign Ministry, Moscow is developing mutually beneficial ties between Russia and foreign partners from all continents.

The head of state expressed confidence that the diplomatic staff will continue to do everything possible to strengthen the position of the Eurasian nation on the world stage.

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