Puerto Ricans denounce media campaign against Cuba

Julio Muriente Pérez, co-president of the Hostosian National Independence Movement (MINH) of Puerto Rico, denounced today, in this capital, the media campaigns promoted by Washington against Cuba.

It seems that there is an Office in the Department of State (of the United States) that only intends to invent lies about Cuba and its people on a daily basis, a strategy that transcends the political and ideological situation and is extremely perverse, said the head of the MINH delegation that these days visits the largest of the Antilles.

During a meeting at the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, Muriente Pérez recalled that his country and the Antillean nation do not promote evil or hatred, they only aspire to serve humanity.

The co-president of that independence movement recalled that his people are immersed in a great battle for a better future and against the greatest imperialism in history, however they remain confident as a nation and advocate happiness and love.

Regarding the current situation in Puerto Rico, he pointed out that the economic model is bankrupt and there is no intention on the part of the United States to rebuild the structure, and the definitive deterioration in the political sphere stands out.

For Muriente Pérez, the complex socioeconomic situation causes citizens to claim their rights based on environmentalism, gender equity, education and the new generations.

Those present at the Icap patented any action that contributes to the independence of Puerto Rico as an occupied nation without being able to exercise the full rights that its sovereignty would grant it.

The Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Fernando González Llort, president of Icap; Noemí Rabaza Fernández, first vice president of the same body, and officials from the Central Committee and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, were also present.

This Wednesday, the MINH delegation also held a fraternal meeting with President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, who on his Twitter account indicated that the meeting reaffirmed Cuba’s commitment to the Puerto Rican independence cause and to the battle against colonialism.

Formed on May 6, 2004, the National Hostosian Independence Movement is a left-wing political organization that has called for a unicameral legislature for its country, a Constituent Assembly on the political status of the island, and the role of Puerto Rico on the international stage. .

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