Puente Tarata case: Judge decides today to prevent the exit of Pedro Castillo's nephews

Puente Tarata case: Judge decides today to prevent the exit of Pedro Castillo’s nephews

Judge Manuel Chuyo announced that he will decide today whether to issue an impediment to leave the country against Fray Vásquez and Gian Marco Castillo, the president’s nephews as requested by the anti-corruption prosecutor Karla Zecenarro, who is in charge of the Tarata bridge case.

Chuyo suspended the hearing and will restart it at 3:00 pm, at which time he will read his resolution.

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Vásquez and Castillo are currently at large, as is former presidential secretary Bruno Pacheco. The three are accused of being part of a criminal organization that operated, together with the businessman Zamir Villaverde, to award works irregularly from the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

According to prosecutor Zecenarro, and its function “would have consisted of contacting, offering and agreeing with businessmen interested in being awarded with said works.”

In this way, it would have been deployed to offer the Pasapera family, owner of the Termirex SAC construction company, the tender for the Tarata bridge, located in the San Martín region, which would require an investment of more than S/232 million.

The owner of the Mazavig company was arrested last Monday, as well as the businessman George Pasapera and the former Provías official, Víctor Valdivia.

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Yesterday, : Luis Pasapera Adrianzén, Héctor Pasapera López and former Provías official, Víctor San Miguel.

The imputation of the Public Ministry indicates that the nephews of the head of state had interference in the appointment of officials in Decentralized Provías who would finally direct the works concessions to certain bidders.

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