Puebla will grant loans to MSMEs with a bag of 25 million pesos

Puebla will grant loans to MSMEs with a bag of 25 million pesos

Puebla, Pue. As of this Wednesday, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) from Puebla will have the facility to obtain individual or group financing for up to 25,000 pesos through the program Credits with youas part of the strategy Promotes Puebla of the city council of this city; will be up to 1,000 supports.

According to the mayor of PueblaEduardo Rivera Pérez, it is a scheme that is part of the actions of the municipal government in alliance with Affirm Banking to accelerate the economic reactivation of the Angelopolis, based on support and economic inclusion that will be granted to entrepreneurs who seek to start or expand their business project.

He reported that it will be the city council that will pay the interest on these loans for up to one year and the contracting person will have a debit balance insurance, so that in the event of death, his debt will be settled.

It is about helping those who want to undertake, to reactivate the local economy and generate jobs, which must be recovered through MSMEs,” said the mayor.

Rafael del Castillo Torre, director Corporate International Relations Y Afirme Government Bankhighlighted that this joint effort between the Private Initiative and the municipal government will allow the granting of up to 1,000 microcredits before the end of 2022, with a financing pool of 25 million pesos.

For his part, Alejandro Cañedo Priesca, Secretary of Economy and Tourism, reported that he began the process of registration and receipt of documents, for which he called on the population with projects to seek these credits.

He stressed that the Puebla City Council will continue to support entrepreneurship at this time when citizens want to improve their economic situation or cannot find work.

According to data from the city council, 80% of jobs are generated by SMEs, a situation to which it is necessary to pay attention to allocate more credits.

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