PUCMM realiza conversatorio con presidentes de las Altas Cortes

PUCMM holds a conversation with presidents of the High Courts

Santo Domingo. The Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), through its Postgraduate Deanship and the School of Law, held the discussion “The challenges of jurisdictional power in the Dominican Republic from the perspective of the presidents of the High Courtsin order to provide a space for dialogue and reflection on the challenges facing the country’s judiciary.

In the presence of Judge Miriam Germán, Attorney General of the Republic, the speakers were: Judges Luis Henry Molina, President of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ); Milton Ray Guevara, President of the Constitutional Court (TC); Ygnacio Camacho Hidalgo, president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), and as moderator of the discussion, Dr. Flavio Darío Espinto thecoordinator of the Doctorate in Law at PUCMM.

At the meeting, Secilio Espinal, rector of the Madre y Maestra, said that Dominican jurisprudence has grown and been strengthened as a source of law, so that today it is an essential reference parameter for every Dominican lawyer.

For his part, Judge Molina highlighted the importance that the organizations that make up the Judiciary have “a vision in accordance with the needs of a complex world with the transformations that are taking place” in the digital age. For this reason, one of the challenges assumed by the SCJ is to achieve the accessibility of its services at all levels and strengthen it through the establishment of standards, added Molina.

Similarly, Judge Ray Guevara shared that, before the Constitution as a norm, the supremacy of the Constitution is what can effectively guarantee the preservation of fundamental rights.

Likewise, Judge Camacho maintained that one of the greatest challenges that they had to assume in the TSE’s inauguration was the strengthening of electoral jurisprudence, which was achieved through adherence to the norms that argue for it and the formation of its staff at the TSE’s Electoral Justice and Democracy Research and Training Center (CICJED).

The event was also attended by the magistrates: Samuel Arias; Miguelina Urena; Carmen Luisa Martinez; Doctors Juan Francisco Puello and Eduardo Jorge Prats; high court judges, court judges, officials, civil, military, police and academic authorities, jurists, teachers and students.

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