Agência Brasil explains how to withdraw the FGTS for health reasons

Published provisional measure authorizing extraordinary withdrawal of the FGTS

It was published today (18) in Official Diary of the Union The Provisional Measure (MP) 1105/2022 authorizing the extraordinary loot from the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) accounts in the amount of up to R$ 1 thousand, regardless of the number of accounts you have. Payments will be made by Caixa Econômica Federal.Published provisional measure authorizing extraordinary withdrawal of the FGTS

The withdrawal calendar starts on April 20th and runs until June 15th. The money will be available until December 15, when it will return to the linked FGTS account. The MP, however, highlights that the amounts that are blocked in the linked FGTS account will not be available for extraordinary withdrawal.

The money will be automatically made available to the worker’s account by the Caixa Tem app. The measure also authorizes the creation of digital social savings at Caixa for workers who do not have a bank account at the institution.

According to the government, about 42 million people will be able to carry out the looting. The estimate is that R$ 30 billion will be injected into the economy if all workers withdraw the money. The release of the loot aims to reduce the commitment of income and the indebtedness of families due to the health crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic and inflation.

The Ministry of Labor and Welfare reported that the other legal possibilities for moving FGTS resources remain valid. The fund can be withdrawn in the following cases: dismissal without just cause, extinction of the company, retirement, death of the worker, payment of installments of housing financing granted by the Housing Finance System (SFH) to people aged 70 years or over, in addition to serious diseases defined by law.

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