Public works projects barely execute 11% of the programmed money

The Tourism branch, by the Mayan Train, has the greatest advance with 46.9%, compared to what was approved in the Federation Expenditure Budget (PEF) for 2022, while Health only 3%, ISSSTE 1.6%, and IMSS 0.3% .

The Economy projects have an advance of 28%; Foreign Relations 25.9%, and Petróleos Mexicanos has an advance of 13.7%.

Investment in public works has delays, while the transfer of resources for programs such as Welfare Pension for Older Adults, the Benito Juárez education scholarships and Youth Building the Future, had the greatest progress and absorb a large part of the PEF.

Faced with this, and in a context of high inflation, providing public services in kind (where the development of public works is contemplated) the government can help more to absorb the impact of rising prices, so there should be a mix between the resources allocated to direct support programs and resources for investment, considered the directive.

Health projects without progress

Public works in Health are the most affected, something that makes more sense, after the consequences left by the covid-19 pandemic, Campos explained.

The 10 main public works projects in Health register 0% progress with respect to the PEF, until March 2022. The item has them all on the losing side, since public works in this sector barely represent 3.4% of the investment portfolio of 2022, and its 10 largest works account for 2%.

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