Public transport ticket will remain at its current prices

Public transport ticket will remain at its current prices

IP Agency.- The Minister of Finance and president of the National Economic Team, Óscar Llamosas, assured that public transport ticket prices will remain at their current values, despite the current increase in fuel costs.

In the press conference held by the Government in the last hours of Friday, Llamosas stated that, regardless of the decisions made regarding increases in fuel prices, ticket prices will remain at current prices.

In this sense, he wanted to “give the citizenry peace of mind” that the Government has sufficient tools to guarantee that transport prices are not impacted by the increase in fuel costs, which affect the ticket price.

Currently the prices of the public transport ticket contemplate two modalities: the conventional one at a cost of 2,300 guaraníes and the differentiated service (with air-conditioned buses) at 3,400 guaraníes.

“On the other hand, the Government is going to continue making efforts to mitigate the impact of the increase, always keeping the Selective Consumption Tax reduced and, in the specific case of Petropar, postponing the payment of the intergovernmental contribution to the Treasury so that it can reduce their costs and prevent this from being transferred to the final price (of fuels), “added Llamosas.

Regarding the announcement by the truckers’ union to carry out a force measure in protest at the new rise in fuel prices, the Minister of Finance reported that “the technical table led by Dinatran has already been convened and includes the Ministry of Treasury and the Vice Ministry of Transportation, where issues related to costs and the final price of freight are discussed, and that meeting will be taking place next week.

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