Gilberto Correa

Public Ministry opened investigation against Gilberto Correa’s nurse

Gilberto Correa

This Sunday Tarek William Saab, Nicolás Maduro’s attorney general, reported that an investigation was opened against Tania Gianmarco Ianni, Gilberto Correa’s nurse, for mistreatment after rumors of poisoning.

“Prosecutor’s Office 16 of the AMC Public Ministry investigates Tania Gianmarco Ianni for alleged mistreatment, illegitimate deprivation of liberty and increase in the medical dose: to the detriment of citizen Gilberto Correa,” details the attorney general in Twitter.

Rumors arose last week claiming that a television host had been treated for possible poisoning; However, Raquel Lares, his ex-wife, denied the comments and assured that he was fine.

The announcer shared some screenshots on her Instagram account. The images correspond to a video call that she had with the remembered presenter of the program Super Sensational Saturday.

Talking to him, he’s fine, thank God. Loved. Health, good health, Gilberto Correa, father of my boy.

Although Correa’s lawyers, consulted by the magazine Round, They indicated that they were not authorized to issue any type of statement in this regard, they assured that he was in good health.

«I am a lawyer for Gilberto Correa. We are not going to give any statement on a tabloid topic like the one they invented, that is, we are not authorized by him to do that », he said.

He also added: “Any rumor, comment and story that does not come from Gilberto or from any of us, is nothing more than speculation and an invention.”

This week in the media it was assured that Correa had gone to the headquarters of the National Service of Medicine and Forensic Sciences, in Bello Monte, to undergo some tests and rule out possible poisoning.

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