President Abinader sends congratulations to workers

President Abinader sends congratulations to workers

President Louis Abinader congratulated this Sunday to the workers As International Workers’ Day is commemorated today and at the same time he maintained that he continues to work to promote quality jobs and the country’s economic recovery.

“East Labor Day It is an excellent opportunity to reiterate my support for those who, with their hard work, contribute to the aggrandizement of the country and the well-being of all,” the president said in a message posted on his Twitter account.

Abinader added: “We continue working to promote quality jobs and economic recovery. It’s my commitment.”

The president shared the message along with a promotional video of the Presidency of the Republic congratulating the workers Dominicans.

He too Minister of LaborLuis Miguel De Camps, congratulated the workers ensuring that after the pandemic the country has been able to recover jobs.

“Happy day to all workers! For me, it is a privilege to serve you and work day by day so that everyone enjoys all their rights and makes President Abinader’s vision of a prosperous country a reality, with more and better jobs. We are moving forward and we are changing.”

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