Public Ministry confirms the use of war weapons in an attack carried out on Route 5 South at the height of Ercilla

Public Ministry confirms the use of war weapons in an attack carried out on Route 5 South at the height of Ercilla

The La Araucanía prosecutor’s office confirmed that war weapons were seized during the attack recorded this Friday on Route 5 South, in the Ercilla commune, leaving a trucker seriously injured and two people who were traveling in the place injured.

Preliminary information indicates that unknown persons attacked the vehicles that were traveling on the highway and later a canvas was found that read: “Without a fight there is no territory. The Police and the Judiciary have them in our sights. They will fall!” on the freedom of Mapuche prisoners.

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war weaponry

Given these facts, the regional prosecutor of La Araucanía, Robert Garridopointed out that “the antecedents that we have show that during the early hours of today, a group of people attacked four vehicles that were circulating on Route 5 South.”

“As a result of this attack, three people ended up injured, one of them seriously and who is currently in vital danger,” he added.

Regarding the objects used in the attack, he specified that “fire weapons were used in the attack. We have also been able to determine that two war rifles were used.”

According to information provided by police personnel, the weapons seized would be a 7.62 caliber rifle and a 5.56 caliber rifle.

“Due to the seriousness of the event, the High Complexity Prosecutor’s Office was set up at the site of the event, through the prosecutor on duty, who gave the first instructions and also made the referral to the Victims and Witnesses Care Unit for the granting of the corresponding benefits,” said the regional prosecutor.

In this context, Garrido stated that “this fact seems particularly serious to us since it affected people who were simply circulating on Route 5 South.”

“From the place a canvas was also raised in which not only the fact is claimed but also direct threats are made against the Judiciary and the police,” the judicial authority closed.

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