Police and Dian seize more than 93,000 dollars in the center of Bogotá

Police and Dian seize more than 93,000 dollars in the center of Bogotá

The Tax and Customs Police, with the support of officials from the National Tax and Customs Directorate (Dian), seized in the center of Bogotá, more than 93,000 US dollars and other foreign currencies.

The authorities revealed that in total they were seized $446 million, from the illegal purchase and sale of currencys, which were sold in exchange houses.

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Among the currencies seized are 6,000 euros, Argentine pesospounds sterling, Canadian dollars and Peruvian soles that were made available to the competent authorities.

For the development of this operation it was necessary to request the presence of anti-riot personnel of the Bogotá Police, to avoid attacks against the personnel of the Dian and the Fiscal Police, who carried out the searches.

La Dian pointed out that with this action the continued commitment and support for the legal exercise of the purchasing activity and sale of foreign currency in the country.

We are going to continue with the institutional control of the operations that are carried out, disregarding the exchange regulations that threaten the economy, trade and security of Colombians,” he added.

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La Dian recalled that natural and legal persons who incur in these irregular actions must take administrative proceedings before the entity, for non-compliance with foreign exchange transactions.

Likewise, he reported that These results have been achieved in actions against smuggling and illicit currency trading, through control actions to establishments dedicated to money laundering and tax evasion.

The authorities recalled that citizens who illegally buy or sell foreign currency will be investigated for the crime of money laundering, conduct that imposes a sentence between 15 and 30 years in prison.

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