Notifican 65 personas con Covid-19; si nuevas muertes

Public Health reports 87 new Covid cases

The Ministry of Public Health reported this Monday 87 new cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hoursand no deaths.

Similarly, through the epidemiological bulletin 781, the authorities indicate that the daily positivity is at 3.92%. and the one of the last weeks in 1.22%.

Active cases stand at 469, while six patients are in hospitals, none of them critical.

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The number of samples processed in the last 24 hours is 3,018, of these, 2,217 were for the first time and 801 were for follow-up of people who They already had a diagnosis.

The number of people under 20 who have been infected reaches 67,356 affected and 1,830 pregnant They also got infected.

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