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After two decades of advertising experience and after holding leadership positions in some of the main agencies in the market, working with the most important local and global brands, Juan Cardeillac and Diego Lazcano decided to associate and create their own agency: Holahola.

They define it, first of all, as the union of two friends with the desire to undertake and put their stamp and experience on their own project. But facing the market, Holahola is presented as a close relationship between agency and client, a solid connection between strategy, creativity and implementation, a deep understanding of client problems that allows us to be more proactive than reactive.

“We conceive advertising not as a process with stages where each part of a team only sees an isolated part. We believe in working on the integrality of each project, with a strategic and creative vision at all stages. Strategy and creativity in the brief, in data analysis, in ideas, design, production, media. Traditional processes can lead to more reactive advertising and we believe that customers are looking for teams that know, interpret better, think about their problems as much as they do and come up with solutions. And above all, create strong relationships. No one walks into a meeting and says ‘hello, hello’ if they don’t feel comfortable,” said Diego Lazcano.

Hello hello, strategy and creativity.

“Hola hola is a bit of a reflection of that vision, where all the stages of a process dialogue with each other. How they speak, how they take my strategy with my creativity, my brief with my ideas, my digital media with my traditional media, my solutions with my results. This makes our decisions more robust, grounded and that can accompany us all the way to the end of the funnel. Decisions that can be argued, presented and defended against work teams and organizations that increasingly involve more actors and need more and more certainty”, added Juan Cardeillac.

Holahola Montevideo offers its services both in fixed mode and for specific and custom projects, such as product launch, rebranding, internal communication, social media manuals, consulting, etc. It also seeks to offer its work to both local and foreign clients. “We have experience working abroad and, after the pandemic, it became much clearer that it is not only possible, but that it works and very well,” said the now partners and founders of Holahola.

Holahola Montevideo is the advertising agency founded by Juan Cardeillac and Diego Lazcano. More information about their services can be found on LinkedIn or on Instagram.

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