Public Health officials will mobilize on June 16 for a higher budget

Public Health officials will mobilize on June 16 for a higher budget


During a visit to the Paysandú Hospital, Pereira spoke with local workers and referred to the claims they have been making regarding Accountability.

In this regard, he reaffirmed the need for “the special contracts for the Covid Plan to continue, despite the end of the health emergency, because all these officials are necessary to serve the public.”

“Month after month, it is decided whether the Covid Plan contracts are renewed or not, and that worries us, because the worker is not given stability or the user peace of mind. If those contracts end, the quality of care is going to be very bad,” said the union leader.

loss of salary

On the other hand, he regretted that health officials have lost 6% of salary in almost two and a half years. “There is no prospect that this situation will be resolved.”

He questioned that the government, since the beginning of the mandate, “has cut the budget for Public Health by 15% in operating expenses, referring to medication, contracting services, which directly affect the user.”

He announced that after the mobilization of June 16, they do not rule out “any measure” since they understand that in the next Rendering of Accounts “yes or yes, the workers’ wages have to be recovered, they have to have more human resources and budget to improve working conditions and the quality of care provided to users.

In turn, from the Federation they demand “decree health workers unhealthy, increase the line of presenteeism, that a special pension be established for the relatives of workers deceased by Covid-19, that a vacation salary be provided and not discount in the cases of medical certifications”.

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