Presidente del Metro de Caracas acusó a la CAF de no responder por las garantías de los trenes

Caracas Metro will finish the works “abandoned” by Odebrecht

President of the Caracas Metro accused CAF of not responding to the guarantees of the trains
File- Caracas Metro will finish the works “abandoned” by Odebrecht.

The Caracas Metro will complete the works “abandoned” by the Brazilian Odebrecht in the underground transportation system, the Ministry of Transportation reported Monday.

The entity indicated through its Twitter account that the work was carried out, for the time being, on the platform of one of the Line 5 stations. lives and works in the southeast of the city.

The works reach the “goals established by the working class, which assumed the completion of the works abandoned by Odebrecht,” the institution said.

Caracas Metro in the hands of Gran Misión Transporte

In addition, the entity pointed out that, with the support of the state program “Great Transport Mission”, the “working class of the Caracas Metro can assume the commitment to advance in the construction of the Guarenas II-Guatire I section.”

Last September, Nicolás Maduro approved more than 15 million euros (about 17.5 million dollars) “in cash.” Which is intended to complete works on the country’s transportation system that was not completed Odebrecht.

Maduro also announced the approval of 15.93 million euros to reactivate the Guarenas-Guatire train project.

Venezuelan government and Odebrecht

In 2019, the government terminated more than 15 contracts it had with Odebrecht and proceeded to take over 56 company facilities where equipment and construction material were stored. Because the construction company owed the country “more than 1,300 million dollars,” said then the Vice Minister of Land Transportation, Claudio Farías.

The Brazilian company has been investigated for paying bribes in at least 12 countries.

According to the United States Department of Justice JoinedOdebrecht spent 788 million dollars in exchange for contracts in a dozen nations from 2001 to 2016, including Venezuela.

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