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Public Health could decide next Monday if the vaccine is applied to minors from 5 years old

They would decide next Monday if minors from 5 years old are vaccinated

SANTO DOMINGO – Dr. Daniel Rivera, Minister of Health, announced that next Monday, November 8, he will hold a meeting with the CMD Dominican Medical College and representatives of the various specialized medical societies.

In it, they will analyze and discuss the international data and studies that validate the use of vaccines in minors from 5 years of age.

In that sense, he indicated that at the meeting he will continue to listen to specialists and advisers and the appropriate decision will be made to guarantee the health of citizens.

Although, it did not specify if a date will be announced to initiate the indictment of that segment of the population.

“Next Monday, November 8, at four in the afternoon, a review and discussion will be carried out among all the specialized societies for analysis of the dose in children from five to 11 years of age, as you already know those of 12 years from now on they are administering the vaccine in the country, “he said.

Rivera also called on the family not to worry about the schools.

He said that although there have been several cases of infected children, it is still a safe place and the rate of cases in students is lower than in teachers.

He indicated that so far the protocol coordinated with the Ministry of Education is being applied to the letter and when the virus is detected in a student it is sent home, but classes continue as normal.

He also reported the increase in the taking of PCR and antigen samples and in this order he stated that October has been the month with the highest number of tests, with a total of 157 thousand 215.

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