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March 4, 2022
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PT-Brazil warns about threat against electoral process

The Workers’ Party (PT) of Brazil called for a rigorous investigation of the attack perpetrated against one of its headquarters and warned that today there is an attempt to threaten the electoral process in the country.

The PT office in the city of Campinas, in northwestern Sao Paulo state, was the target of an attack on Wednesday night. For the second time, in less than a month, it was invaded and depredated.

In a signed note, the president of the organization, Gleisi Hoffmann, assures that the party “warns of the growing political violence that intends to threaten the electoral process. We will not remain silent in the face of actions of this type, stimulated by the hatred installed in the country.

He denounces that “this time the level of depredation and hatred shows an escalation of violence against the party, threatening democracy. Electronic equipment, wiring and property were seriously destroyed.”

Faced with the repetition of the attack, the PT demands that the authorities investigate the facts and immediately determine who is responsible for what happened.

For Hoffmann, “those who currently hold power must submit to the popular will at the polls. Betting on any other solution will only deepen your defeat even more».

In January, the party headquarters in Campinas was raided and looted, and the windows were smashed. Nothing was stolen at that time, which led to the suspicion that the act was motivated by politics. Now it was completely stripped.

Through social networks, Councilor Paolla Miguel also drew attention to the fact that the raid occurred precisely in an election year.

“We are months away from the most important elections in our recent history, with (former president Luiz Inácio) Lula (da Silva) and the PT ahead in the polls,” he said.

He affirmed that President Jair Bolsonaro “is demoralized and radicalized, contesting the polls and the electoral process before it takes place. Political violence has come out of the gutter », he stressed.

For his part, the president of the PT in Campinas, Carlos Orfei, pointed out that “we cannot believe that it is a simple invasion with the intention of stealing objects.”

He demanded a “rigorous investigation of this crime which, as it occurs in a party headquarters, is an attack on democracy itself. We will not be intimidated,” he wrote.

After recovering his political rights, Lula heads all the opinion polls heading into the October elections in which he hopes to re-elect Bolsonaro and ex-judge Sérgio Moro to come to power.

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