PSUV remains deployed in Las Tejerías and El Castaño

PSUV remains deployed in Las Tejerías and El Castaño

During the press conference of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the first vice president, Diosdado Cabello, assured that the red awning remains deployed to accompany the families affected by the rains in the sectors of Las Tejerías and El Castaño, state Aragua.

“We have deployed the National Directorate in these places and accompanied the brothers and sisters of Las Tejerías and El Castaño, he said the party is there,” said Cabello during the PSUV press conference.

He stressed that the militants of the Party and the Hugo Chávez Battle Units (UBCH) are deployed cases at home helping the population, he stressed that in the populations affected by the rains there is a stage of reconstruction due to the large number of affected homes.

He stressed that although cleaning and drainage work has been carried out to avoid minor damage, nobody controls nature «which unloads all the pressures that human beings have exerted on it throughout the world, especially in industrialized countries, in some sides it is rain and on others it is drought.

He pointed out that unfortunately Venezuela they have touched torrential rains that “they have caused the loss of more than 58 years of male and female companions; 4 in El Castaño and 54 in Las Tejerías, our condolences from the PSUV to their relatives.

He reiterated that they will remain deployed not only in Aragua state but in any of the areas affected by the rains.

“The president has given instructions to the National Government and we are going to accompany him and we will not withdraw from Las Tejerías and El Castaño until everything is completely restored. We have had days of care, review and study of each case in particular and we will stay that way », he said.

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