FdT leaders denied Larreta and criticized the Buenos Aires education budget

FdT leaders denied Larreta and criticized the Buenos Aires education budget

Mariano Recalde went out to cross the information provided by the head of the Buenos Aires Government.

Leaders of the Frente de Todos (FdT) accused this Monday the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, of sharing “false information” about the budget projected at the national level for the area of ​​Education in 2023 and criticized the “educational cut” in the city ​​of Buenos Aires, where “macrismo has governed for 15 years”.

This was stated by the president of the Buenos Aires Justicialist Party (PJ) and national senator, Mariano Recaldeon his Twitter account, where he wrote: “Larreta shares false information and shows his cynicism again. There is an educational cut in the City since the macrismo governs it, 15 years ago.

In addition, it published a graph that indicates the participation of the Ministry of Education in the Total Budget sanctioned by CABA between 2007 and 2023, and noted: “Perhaps it is not known why they spend $20 million a day on advertising, almost 4 times more than on school infrastructure.”

Recalde’s statements arose in response to the tweet that Rodríguez Larreta issued on Sunday night, where he shared a photo of the front page of the newspaper La Nación with the headline: “Funds for Education are reduced by more than 15%.”

In that sense, the head of the Buenos Aires Government wrote that “it is not surprising: they continue to despise the education and the future of millions of boys and girls who need the State to accompany them so that they can dream of a future and work to build it.”

Like Recalde, the national deputy and referent of Patria Grande Itaí Hagman indicated that the report “which states that Education suffers a 15.5% cut in the 2023 Budget”, released by “La Nación, Clarín and the opposition” is a “lie”.

“The cited document has gross errors and omissions that change the whole reading,” marked and detailed that “the final opinion of the Budget incorporated $94,866 million in Education that the media decided to ignore”, and with this modification “investment not only does not fall but grows in real terms”.

In addition, Hagman pointed out that the report released by these media “decides to analyze the Budget with an inflation rate 10 points higher than that assumed by the bill, which obviously worsens all the numbers.”

“When a budget is drawn up, all income and expenses are estimated based on a certain inflation projection. If inflation is later higher or lower, both income and expenses are modified according to the evolution of prices. It makes no sense to compare a budget made based on an inflation projection using another projection,” added the leader.

Finally, criticized “the hypocrisy of opposition leaders claiming for the alleged cut in Education when this Budget implies an increase in real terms of the Education and Culture function of 22% compared to 2019”latest budget presented by the government of Mauricio Macri.

Along the same lines, the Buenos Aires legislator Magdalena Tiesso wrote on her Twitter account: “Horacio, in 2007 the percentage of the budget for health and education in the City represented 50%. In 15 years governing you, it represents 30%. Don’t be cynical! The richest city in the country does not guarantee vacancies because they systematically underfund education.

Your peer of the Legislature María Bielli stressed that the information shared by Rodríguez Larreta is “false” and pointed out: “Do you know what happened to this budget? It entered Congress, the ministers and the deputies made modifications. How far from what happens in the Legislature of CABA, right? Without a round of ministers and with your deputies, painted in oil.”

Similarly, the Deputy Secretary General of UTE-CTERA Capital, Eduardo López, noted that “Larreta permanently reduces the educational budget. The only thing that Larreta increases is the advertising budget to hide the failure of his disastrous administration.”

Likewise, The Minister of Community Development of the province of Buenos Aires, Andrés Larroque, pointed out that “adjustment is to close schools, as you did when you governed. This management inaugurated 111 schools in three years and put 4,000 school buildings in value. The difference is very clear”he said when replying to the national deputy of Together for Change, Cristian Ritondo, through Twitter.

“The silence of (the governor of Buenos Aires Axel) Kicillof and (the teacher union leader, Roberto) Baradel before the project that wants to cut 15% for education is stunned. Although not surprising, they demonstrated several times that they prefer closed schools, “he had written Ritondo in the same social network.

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