PSUV initiates from the bases the renovation of its structure

PSUV initiates from the bases the renovation of its structure

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) will begin the renewal of its structure from the bases in the coming weeks, the first vice president of the red party, Diosdado Cabello, reported on Monday.

After concluding the weekly meeting of the PSUV national leadership, Cabello indicated that the renewal of the party’s authorities will be done “starting from the bottom up,” first from the street headquarters, the headquarters of the Bolívar-Chávez Battle Units ( UBCH), the parish, municipal and state teams.

He explained that more than 285,000 streets throughout the country, more than 47,000 communities and 14,800 UBCH will be reviewed.

It is about, he said, having “a more direct relationship between the leadership of the party with the bases, the structures,” and for this it will go to “the renewal established by our regulations.”

He indicated that the PSUV has to adapt to the new era, and one of the things they will do is “review the party’s structures in order to face all the tasks generated by the new era.”

One of the challenges, he pointed out, will be to prepare the presidential elections scheduled for 2024. “We must be prepared with an organization ready to win those elections and to consolidate the Bolivarian Revolution. That is essential for us », he said.

On the proposal of the president of the PSUV, Nicolás Maduro, to simplify the structure of the red awning, Cabello stressed that “it is a cry of all” that a single person be responsible in each state instead of continuing with the regional vice presidencies.

He referred that the simplification of the PSUV should lead to it being much more efficient and the party’s response being “much faster, more direct.”

Hair: I hope they don’t assassinate Gustavo Petro

At the press conference, Cabello referred to Colombian politics, ahead of this year’s presidential elections, and argued that “hopefully the government of Iván Duque does not make the mistake” of assassinating the Historical Pact candidate, Gustavo Petro, who has denounced a plan to assassinate him.

He was in favor of Petro’s proposal to have good relations with Venezuela to win the presidency and regretted Iván Duque’s policy of seeing Venezuela as an enemy.

“How are you going to see the country next to you as enemies? Colombia has become the neighbor that nobody wants. In the neighbor of the building that nobody wants, the one who does not pay condominium, the one who plays music until three in the morning every day, the one who organizes his parties, the one who stops the car where he wants, “he alleged. .

Contrary to this position, Cabello said that Colombia should “be looking for ways to have good relations with all the countries of the Americas.”

“Whoever has to govern in Colombia, whoever he is, will have to accommodate the disaster of the narco-government” of Duque,” he said.

He questioned the Colombian elections due to the number of death threats received by the candidates. “Those are the free elections that America likes,” she added.

He stressed that Colombia is the country with the largest internal migration due to displacement, and mentioned that at least 1,200 Venezuelans have died on Colombian soil.

“Whoever gets to govern that country is going to receive a disaster,” he reiterated.

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