Jesús Vásquez: “Announced measures will take time”

Santo Domingo.- The Minister of the Interior and Police (MIP), Jesús Vásquez, reported this Monday that the security measures announced as a result of the violent events that have recently occurred in the country “will take time.”

“These measures, like everything in life, need time… now some of them are being surveyed,” he said.

MIP: “announced measures will take time”

During his visit to the Chamber of Deputies, to the Permanent Commission of the Interior and Police, Vásquez explained that the installation of cameras in the different police stations “is not a job from one day to the next”, but that its application requires time.

For this meeting, the director of the Police, Eduardo Alberto Then, was summoned, but, according to the statements of the institution’s management, they preferred that he attend.

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“The address of the National Police and addresses of the Dominican State are under the direction of the Ministry of the Interior and Police,” said the official, when being questioned by the press.

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