PS greeted LGBTIQ+ groups on International Pride Day

PS greeted LGBTIQ+ groups on International Pride Day

In a statement, the PS expresses: As a new day of LGBTIQ+ pride is commemorated worldwide, the Secretariat for Gender and Diversity of the Socialist Party salutes the diversity groups and expresses the commitment of the socialists of Uruguay in the fight for dignity and conquered rights, understanding that there is still a long way to go.

There is an enormous and painful social debt that we recognize and demand to be repaired with young transgender people, who since adolescence are victims of sexual exploitation, being pushed into prostitution due to the rejection of their families, expulsion from the system education, discrimination in the workplace and hypocrisy in society; with lesbian couples who decide to have children and have bureaucratic obstacles to access insemination procedures or adoption; with access to quality health, with medical personnel with specific training to attend to a population that has in its diversity a set of singularities that should be attended to without violating their rights, and many situations that we are recognizing as we are attentive and attentive to complaints.

Today, in the 21st century in more than seventy countries, being homosexual is considered a crime, and in some cases it is punishable by death. At present, conversion therapies, sexual reorientation, etc. are still offered.

We view with concern and stand in solidarity with the LGTBQI+ population in the face of the innumerable attacks they receive from some government actors and their allies, which range from the attempt to repeal legal tools such as the Trans Law to degrading and homophobic statements, or accusing them of not demographic growth, expressions that sow hatred, discrimination and violence in a patriarchal and heteronormative society, dominated by hypocrisy, labels and fear.

In recent years, our country has advanced in public policies of recognition and affirmation of rights, being highlighted both in Latin America and in the world as an example in this matter, but these achievements are not guaranteed nor are they sufficient without a profound cultural and attitude change. .

Today, 53 years after the riots at the Stonewall Bar in New York, we add our voice to that of LGBTIQ+ groups and individuals in their demands for dignity and respect, keys to building a freer and fairer society.

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